XBOX 360: Restore Network Settings Back to Factory Default

When you have downloaded something on the XBOX 360, and it cause the device to behave in an unexpected way you could ways try to reset the network settings to see if it works again.

This is especially useful when the network adapter is not working correctly.

Here's how:

1. Switch off the XBOX if you currently have it on. If you are using a Wireless connection device, unplug the wireless networking adapter.

2. Now turn the device back on.

3. Go to By Xbox.

4. Choose System Settings.

5. Then choose Networks.

6. Next select Wired Network.

7. Now choose Configure network.

8. Go to Additional Settings tab and select Restore to Factory Defaults.


9. Now turn off the XBOX, and if you use the Wireless networking adapter, at this point you can plug it back into the USB port.

10. Finally you can switch the console back on adn test it out.

If you are using the wireless, you will need to configure the connection again.

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