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Microsoft Surface Pro: How to Change the Account Password

If your password is not strong enough, then your curious roommate or little naughty kid can still access your personal information or data without your authorization. In those cases, you will need to create a stronger one and change it regularly to keep your Microsoft Surface Pro under higher protection. Take a look at the mini guide below and see how you can change your password on Microsoft Surface Pro:

1. First, open the Settings charm.

2. Here, select Change PC settings.

3. Tap on Users option on the left.

4. Under Sign-in options, you should see Change your password. Tap on it.

5. Continue with the instructions for additional change. Or simply hit Next for each option.

6. Follow the instructions to complete the setup.

7. Hit Finish once you are done and happy with your change.

Microsoft Surface Pro: How to Create a PIN for a User Account

Usually, you can create a password to increase protection on your Microsoft Surface Pro, and that password can contain both letters and numbers. However, instead of typing a password, if you want something more convenient and quick, you can simply sign in the tablet with a four-digit PIN.

To set up a PIN like that, you can do as the guidelines below to know how:

Here’s how:

1. First, launch the Settings charm.

2. Next, choose Change PC settings.

3. Select Users.

4. Here, tap on Create a PIN.

- In case you haven’t got a password on your account yet, you'll be asked to create a password before setting up a PIN.

5. You will need to confirm your current password so that you can create a PIN.

6. Follow the instruction onscreen to complete the creating process.

7. Once you are done, feel free to quickly sign in using your four-digit PIN.

Microsoft Surface Pro: How to Set the Left/ Right-Handed Writing

If you are either left-handed or right-handed, then you will need to adjust the place where the menus appear on the screen so that you can operate the device with the maximum efficiency. In order to set left or right handedness to suit with you the most, you can follow the instructions below:

1. Launch the Search charm.

2. Key in pen and touch in the search box.

3. Choose Settings.

4. Hit Specify which hand you write with from the search results.

5. Here, feel free to choose either Right-handed or Left-handed as your wish.

Microsoft Surface Pro: How to Change Pen Settings

Sometimes, you will need to change your pen settings of Microsoft Surface Pro, such as changing how fast you want for the double-tap speed or some further customizations. If you want to make those adjustments, then here’ how to do it:

1. Launch the Search charm.

2. Key in pen and touch in the search box.

3. Here, choose Settings.

4. Then hit on the Pen and Touch from the search results appears on screen.

5. Choose Double-tap or Press and hold.

6. Hit Settings.

7. Make all necessary adjustments as your desire.

Microsoft Surface Pro: How to Enable/ Disable the Touch Tone

Your Microsoft Surface Pro is set to play a sound everytime you touch/ press/ type a key on the Touch Cover by default. This will let you know exactly whether you have touched on a key or not, and it's quite useful if you need to type something in the dark. However, in case you don’t like to have that sound on every time you hit on your Touch Cover, you can switch this feature off.

Continue reading to see how you can turn off the sound that plays when you type:

1. First, launch the Settings charm.

2. Here, select Change PC settings.

3. Choose General.

4. Then scroll to Touch Keyboard option.

5. Now, navigate to Play key sounds as I type.

6. Finally, switch the slider to OFF mode.

Later, if you need to hear the touch tone again, do the steps from 1 to 5, then switch the OFF mode back to ON.

Microsoft Surface Pro: How to Share a Photo

If you have just taken a beautiful selca and would like to share it with your friends on Facebook or Twitter using your new Microsoft Surface Pro, you can take a look at the mini guide below to see how you can do it within some singles steps:

1. First, launch the Photos app.

2. Navigate to the photo(s) that you want to share.

3. In order to choose the desired photo(s), do one of the followings:

- If you use touch, swipe down on a photo to select it.

- If you use a mouse, right-click on the desired photo(s) to select.

4. Now, launch the Share charm by doing one of the followings:

- Swipe in from the right edge of the screen. Then hit Share.

- Tap the Share key on Touch Cover/ Type Cover.

5. Here, you should see a list of the contacts, apps, and devices you share with most often. There will be a list of apps by which you can use to share your photo.

6. Select the apps/ people/ devices you want to share the photo(s) to.


If you want to use email for sharing, hit Mail. Next, provide the desired email address, key in the needed messages/ information. Finally, hit the Send icon to share it.

If you want to share a photo/ photos onto a social network (Facebook or Twitter), you need to add the photo(s) into your SkyDrive. First, upload that photo(s) on the SkyDrive app. Launch SkyDrive then choose the desired photo(s), open the Share charm, choose People and continue the share.

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