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Sony Ericsson: How to Backup and Restore Apps On Xperia X10

Learn how to perform a backup and restore on the Xperia X10 using the Backup and restore application.

If you have just perform a hard reset on your device then you like to perform a restore of all your favourite applications so you don't have to download it again. When the first time you have download an application from the app market it keeps a backup of the app. Now you can use those back up copies and restore it to your phone.


Here's how:

1. Go to Home screen.

2. Then tap on Backup and Restore.

3. Next tap on Restore.

4. Select the Market application and ensure the checkbox is ticked. Then check any of the category that you would like to restore it back to your phone.

5. Then tap on Continue.

6. Tap on Restore data.

7. Now you will have the chance to select your favorite app that you would like to restore. Do so and then tap on Restore.

8. Now tap on Restore again and you will be taken to the Android Market.

9. Tap on Install.

10. Tap on OK to begin the download.

11. Now duplicate the above process to restore more Market application.


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