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Samsung Galaxy S III: How to Enable Visual Voicemail

Samsung Galaxy S III comes with a cool feature, which is the visual voicemail that let you see a list of people who left you a voiced message, and then later you can also listen to any messages you want in any order. You can also update your Voicemail to text with a small monthly fee and have all your voicemails transcribed into text directly in the inbox. However, Voicemail to text is only available in English and Spanish.

Note: You have to subscribe to Visual Voicemail service to use this function.

If this is your first time using Visual Voicemail, then follow this below guide.

1. Press the Home key to return to Galaxy S III Home screen.

sam_gs3_home button


2. Then tap the Apps key to view the application list.



3. Next, choose Visual Voicemail sam_gs3_visualvoicemail_1 app.

4. Here you have to read the on-screen information.

5. Then tap Next.

6. You will be prompted to another on-screen information, read it and tap Done.

7. If this is your first use of Visual Voicemail, you will be asked to provide a new PIN code.

8. Type the PIN code when being prompted.

9. Then hit Next to enable Visual Voicemail.

10. Here, you should see a list of the voicemail messages displays (if available).

11. Select an on-screen voicemail message to play it back.

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