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Samsung Galaxy S III: How to Copy and Paste Text in Internet app

Do you need to copy and paste text on the Samsung Galaxy S 3. At Free Repair Guide, we will show you simple steps you can follow to do so.

You may sometimes need to copy and paste text within the Web browser, or even from your Web browser to any other apps. This happens when you need to copy a guiding paragraph, a quote, or a message on Facebook to share it with your friends.

Do these followings to know how you can copy and paste text in the Internet app:

1. First, go back to your Home screen by hitting the Home key.

sam_gs3_home button


2. Then tap the Apps icon to see the application list.



3. Next, choose Internet.



4. Log into the site that features the text you would like to copy.

5. Now, tap and hold on that desired text area.

6. You should see a magnification box appears.

7. Then, drag your finger to the place where the text will be copied.

8. Here, release your finger.

9. Notice there are two highlight arrows show up on your screen.

10. Simply tap and drag each highlight arrow to highlight the text you want to copy.

11. Look at the top of the screen and see the Copy icon (image of two overlapping sheets of paper).

12. Tap on it so that you can copy the desired text to another area.

13. Then, press and hold a text field to paste your desired text.

14. Finally, hit the Paste button.

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