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Samsung Galaxy S III: How to Clear System Memory

Sometimes, you will see your Samsung Galaxy S 3 is not working properly after a long period of use, and you may need to reset it. You could try to perform a hard reset to get your phone working again, but a hard reset will deletes all of your saved information, which may cause great inconvenience with your data stored.

One of the solution is to try clear the system cache. Clearing the system cache can be the best option, because it does not erase any personal data or settings at all.

Now, try this useful tip below to wipe the cache partition on your Galaxy S 3:

1. First, power off your Galaxy S 3.

2. Then, press and hold these three buttons simultaneously: VOLUME UP + HOME + POWER key.


sam_gs3_home button




3. When you see Galaxy S 3 vibrates, let go of the Power key but keep on holding the Volume Up key and the Home key.

4. Once the Android System Recovery screen shows up, let go of the Power Up and Home keys.

5. Now, tap the Volume Down key to prompt to wipe cache partition screen.

6. Next, select wipe the cache partition by using the POWER key.

7. After finishing wiping, you should see reboot phone now highlighted.

8. Finally, tap on the POWER key to restart the phone.

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