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Samsung Galaxy S III: How to Change Lock Screen Image

Aside from the pictures you setup as the wallpaper when you power on your Samsung Galaxy S III, your phone also lets you customize your own lock screen image to suit your style and your mood. This lock screen image will appear when your phone is locked.

This article below will instruct you on how to customize your own lock screen:

1. First if you are on any other app, tap the Home key to log back to one of your five Home screens.

sam_gs3_home button

2. Next, from any Home screen, press and hold on the screen until you see a pop-up.

3. Then select Lock screen under Set wallpaper for option.

4. Next select your choice among these following options:

a. Gallery

- Select the picture you want to add as the lock screen image.

- You can also tap and drag the box to adjust picture size and crop area as your wish.

- When you are happy with the changes, tap Done to exit setup.

b. Wallpapers

- Here, choose the desired wallpaper you want to add.

- Then press on Set wallpaper option.

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