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Chunghop SRM-403E: Remote Control User Guide and Configuration Instructions

Find out how to configure the Chunghop SRM-403E remote control so that it works on all of your electronic devices.

When you have many remote controls in your house, it can become a hassle trying to find the right remote for the right device. Also there is a chance of you loosing that remote as well. So by using the Chunghop SRM-403E, it can control all your other electronic devices, like a TV, DVD, Satellite box and etc.


The way you configure this remote control is that you let it learns all the functions from the original control. We will use the TV remote as an example  in this tutorial.

1. Place the two remote down on the table with the 2 head facing each other. See picture below. The two remote should be placed around 1 to 3cm distance apart. Note that Remote B is the Chunghop remote control, and the Remote A is your original remote control.


2. On Remote B, press and hold on the on TV key until you see the indicator light lits. If you are configuring for a DVD, then you would select the DVD button. The Remote B is now going into a learning state.

3. On Remote A, press and hold on a key (for example key 1) until you see the light indicator on the Remote B flashes once. On the Remote B, press the number 1 key corresponding to the key on Remote A. You should see the light start flashing rapidly, then it stay on bright for a period of time. Now the Remote B have successfully learn the key number 1.

You will need to repeat this process for Remote B to learn all the other keys. For example, next you would let Remote B learn the key number 2, then 3 and so on and so on.

Note: If you don't press anything within 20 seconds, Remote B will exit the learning state, and you will have to start the process over again with step 1.

4. Now manually turn on the TV, then poin the Remote B (Chunghop SRM-403E) at the TV and start to test out all the keys on the remote control. If you have missed a key or it doesn't work properly, repeat step 3 to learn that key again.

Note: ensure you have a fully charged battery when learning the Remote A functions, otherwise you may find that it doesn't work properly.

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