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Excel 2007: How To Transpose Column Data To Row

In Excel you can transpose column data to row data, so that you would have to type it out all over again. You could also convert row data back into column data too if you wish.

The transpose function available in Excel 2000 and upwards. Here's how:

1. Select the data on the column that you want to transpose. From the below example, you would select cell A2 to cell A6. Then click on Copy via the tool bar menu or from the context menu by right click and click on Copy.


2. Next put the mouse cursor on C2 and select cell C2. You can tranpose the data where ever you like. In this example I would use cell C2. Then click on Paste from the Tool bar menu and select Transpose.


You could alternatively select Paste > Paste Special... then ensure that the Transpose check box is selected.


Your text now should be transposed and look similar to the below image.


As you can see Transpose is a quick way to transform vertical data into horizontal data and vice versa. 


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