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How To Reset Belkin Modem ADSL2 with wireless G Router

Learn how to reset Belkin Modem ADSL2 with wireless G Router.

You may have recent bought an old Belkin modem which you need to reset. After resetting the device all the setting should go back to the manufacturer default setting.

Tools you will need: 

  • 1 paper clip or a needle.

1. Plug the power into the Belkin Modem.

2. Locate the reset hole, which is at the back of the modem.


3. Use a paper clip or a needle and push in the hole and hold it for around 15 seconds.

4. The modem should now be resetted. Now connect the LAN cable from the PC to the LAN port on the device.

5. Next open up the DOS command prompt to test out the connection cable. Press the Windows Key windows-key + R to open the Run prompt. Type in CMD and press Enter.


6. From the DOS prompt type in ipconfig /all and press Enter. You should now see an IP assign to your PC with a Default Gateway number



7. Now open up the web browser and put in your Default Gateway number to get to the administration page. With this modem it is The password now should be BLANK.


8. Press the Submit button with the Password field leave blank. Once you got access into the administration page you can start to configure your router.


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