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Kindle: Reset Lost Password

If you have lost your Kindle password then you could reset it.

As we live in a world full of password and PIN it is not uncommon that we forget the Kindle password. For example we would have password for bank card, password for email, membership sites, FaceBook, Government servics and many more. If you cannot remember it then here's how you can reset it:

1. Switch on your Kindle.

2. It will ask for your password, now put in resetmykindle.

3. Then hit the Enter key.

4. Your device will now attempt to restart.

If possible remember to backup all your data first before you do this, otherwise all your content will be lost. Once you got the device started you can download your file again.




0 #1 Lauei Pearce 2012-03-05 00:49
I did exactly the above and it worked ,1st time after a couple of days of frustrations .
Many thanks for the valuable help.
0 #2 Lauri Pearce 2012-03-05 00:53
Wrong letter in the first name.
0 #3 David Vo 2012-03-05 08:24
Hi Lauri Pearce - Your welcome. I know it is frustrating when you can't get to use your device. At least know you got it working again.

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