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HTC One X: How to Turn On/Off Airplane Mode

To avoid interference with other devices, you will be asked to turn off wireless devices while you are on board. Instead of powering off your phone to disable the wireless functions, you can simply switch your HTC One X to Airplane mode to quickly deactivate wireless signal transmission. With Airplane mode is on, all wireless radios on your phone will be disabled, including the call function, data services, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi.

Select either one of these following options to know how you can turn Airplane mode on or off:

Option 1:

1. Long press on the POWER button.

2. Next, tap Airplane mode.

Option 2:

1. First, slide the Notifications panel down to open it.

2. Then select the Settings icon.

3. Here, switch the Airplane mode to On/Off accordingly

Once you have activated this feature, you will see the Airplane mode icon (an Air plane icon) appears on the status bar

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