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How to Soft and Hard Reset DoCoMo Sharp AQUOS SH-01D

Learn detail instruction of how to reset your DocoMo Sharp AQUOS SH-01D smart device.

Whether you just want to start fresh again or you are selling the device to someone else, you may want to hard reset the device back to the default factory setting, so that the next user are ready to use the device without any issue.

Note: please backup your personal data such as media files, contacts, video, pictures and etc before you carry out the below operation.


Here's how:

Settings Menu Solution

1. Go back to the Home screen.

2. Tap on Settings.

3. Choose SD & phone storage.

4. Then tap on Factory data reset.

5. Then select Reset Phone.


6. Now select Erase everything.


Your phone now begin to erase everything bring itself back to factory default setting.


Hardware Key Solution

You would typically reset with the hardware key when your device is frozen, and there is nothing else left you can do.

1. First take out the battery for approximately 10 seconds, then place it back in.

2. Next press and hold the Volume Down key, then press and release the Power key for a short period.

3. When you see the screen appears with the Android logo image, let go of the Volume Down key.

4. Now use the Volume Down key to navigate to Factory Reset, then immediately press the Power key to reset the device.




+2 #1 Marcus Tam 2012-01-11 05:11
I've followed your instruction to do the hard reset. But it doesn't work. The device can only reboot into the safe mode only. Can you explain further more?
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