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How to Reset the Oil Life on the Honda Civic 2013

Here are the simple procedures for you to reset the oil life counter on the Honda Civic 2013. Depend on the oil you use your car can drive up to 10,000 KM before you need to replace the oil. For instance synthetic oil can last longer and thus you don't need to change the oil as often.

Honda Civic 2013 Oil Life Reset Counter

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1. Press on the Menu button on the Steering Wheel.

2. Use the Arrow button and go up to Vehicle Information.

3. Select Maintenance Info, by pressing on the Source/Enter button.

4. Press on Source/Enter to go to the next screen.

5. Now press and hold on the Source/Enter button for a few seconds to start the reset.

6. When you see the message "Would you like to reset maintenance information?", Select Yes. Use the arrow button on the steering wheel to go down.

Now you should see your oil life go back to 100%.


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