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How to Hard Reset Sony Xperia U

Learn how you can perform a hard reset with the Sony Xperia U device.

When you are selling your phone to someone else, you would want to reset it back to the factory default setting and erase all the data on it as well.

If your phone has an issue, and it is frozen you might be frustrated and wanting to bring to a repair shop to fix it. Bringing your phone to the servicing centre can be costly, and may not always a viable option. So before you head off to the repair shop, try some of the hard reset tips below and see if you can fix your problem first.

Note: If possible, always try to backup all your personal data, as a reset will completely wipe out your phone and you will not be able to recover the lost data.

Perform a factory reset using the settings menu

Note: Any data that you have on this device such as documents, musics, videos, downloaded app and content will be lost once you execute the below steps. Here's how:

1. Press Home key.

2. Open up application list.

3. Select Settings.

4. Select Privacy.

5. Choose Factory data reset.

6. Tap on Reset phone or Reset device.

7. Finally, select Erase everything.

Perform factory reset using hardware key combination

Combo key not yet available.

Your Sony Xperia U should now be rebooted and the phone internal memory is completely wipe off.


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