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How to Hard Reset Sharp Aquos Television

Need to know how to reset the Sharp Aquos Television back to the factory default setting? It's easy.

A television should work correctly for a long time without us having to worry about restarting it back to the default setting. However there will be occassions where you need to do so. For example when there is a storm and your TV get struck with a lightning and now it is not working. Well you may get lucky by resetting it, and it might work again. Here's how:

1. The reset is at the back to the TV, so turn the back of the TV out.

2. Locate the Power plug at the back to the TV.

3. Then near the Power plug there should be a small hole, use a paper clip or a needle and push into that hole for a brief period.

4. Now start the TV and see if the settings has going back to the factory default.



+9 #1 Leonard McIntosh 2016-03-09 02:29
I have a SHARP AQUOS LC-55LE653U and this is not an option to reset. i cant even hard reset by holding down input and the voulme up or down.
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