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How to Hard Reset Samsung Galaxy Gio

Learn how you can perform a hard reset on the Samsung Galaxy Gio.

If your phone is stucked or not responding then you could the below steps:


Here's how you can start:

Solution 1

Key in *2767*3855# and dial it.

Solution 2

1. Turn off the device. If it is stuck then try to pull out the battery for a minute and then put it back in.

2. Press down the HOME key and the POWER button.

3. Then release the Power button.

4. Now a menu appear give you the options to Fastbook, Recovery, Clear Storage, and Simlock. Select Clear Storage. Use the Volume Down button to navigate the menu.

5. Then press and release the Power button.

6. Finally wait for your device to reboot.

Once the Samsung Galaxy Gio restarted it should now go back to the default factory setting.


Solution 3

This option of reset can be done via the settings menu. If your device is still operational, you could try this method.

1. Open Settings.

2. Select Privacy.

3. Choose Factory Data Reset.

4. Select Reset phone.

5. Finally select Erase Everything.



+2 #1 Erik 2011-10-23 08:17
solution 2 does not work, solution 1 does.
For emergencies always take care to have a sim card at hand you don't use (anymore).
+8 #2 bruno 2011-11-16 00:41
solution 2 works but is not the volume key but home key and power button
0 #3 v 2011-12-27 02:28
Hello! I need help with my samsung gio:
I deleted the message programa (sms). How can I get it back? I did this but the program did not appeared. What can I do? please help
0 #4 Jenny 2011-12-27 04:11
Quoting v:
Hello! I need help with my samsung gio:
I deleted the message programa (sms). How can I get it back? I did this but the program did not appeared. What can I do? please help

Once the message is deleted, I don't think you can get it back. If its really important you could try to contact your network provide and see if they could assist.
0 #5 CK10 2011-12-30 00:54
I followed the directions.
But he would not reboot.
Because he remains in the system.
Can someone help me with this.

Thank you.
Charaf-Eddine Kaddouri
+1 #6 jimmy 2012-07-11 18:30
hello,i have problem with my galaxygio S5660.my phone doesn't start when i switch off the power button similarly,if it get started it suddenly stop working after sometime.so what can i do to avoid this problem.please looking for the fast action..
+10 #7 BRandon 2012-07-25 19:03
My phone is coming on and it says samsung and continues blinking and then restarts on itself
+3 #8 naing lay 2012-08-03 16:21
My galaxy gio stop at logo :GALAXY GIO GT-S5660
Please tell me how can i solve.
0 #9 Abdi 2012-08-05 17:02
thanks so match solution 2 works ad my mobile is workin now thx
0 #10 pavel 2012-08-09 16:58
hello,i have problem with my galaxy gio s5660 i need its softerware can u help me?
0 #11 kier 2012-09-11 02:59
hi, my galaxy gio is having a bug. whenever i turned my camera, it suddenly shutting down but restart then., how can i fix this problem. thanks!
0 #12 David 2012-11-23 21:21
I have format my system ,And now my phone can't turn on.
Pleas help :]
-1 #13 crystal 2013-01-03 16:39
hey, i have a problem wit my galaxy.when i try solution 2 its optoions are reboot system now, apply update from sdcard, wipe data/factory reset, wipe cache partition and test redbend fotal[FS]. Iam not sure which one is the right one . please help.
+1 #14 kalle 2013-01-14 22:28
Thanks alot dude, it worked, thansk so much, it means alot!!!
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0 #16 Lowela 2016-05-06 14:37
I already reset my device to factory settings then I did the number2 hometips,,it says cannot be done on other choices,,,it only allows rebooting...so I did press the home button and it says rebooting...then the Samsung logo appear like it's loading then the logo olleh now is on the main screen..been like this for 6hours now..and sometimes the light on the screen blink...so I did is open the open the phone case and took out the battery.i put it back after 2 min.then I do the procedure again...then it reboots again and still olleh logo shows.been like this for an hour now....please help me what to do.....just send me email back...thanks
0 #17 http://bloges.ovh 2017-04-13 12:34
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