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How to Hard Reset Samsung Galaxy Camera

You can hard reset your Samsung Galaxy Camera in two different ways, via Settings Menu when you can still access configuration and using Hardware Keys when the device is completely switched off. When you see the device become unresponsive, lagging or frozen, when the Camera can’t be used, or whatever issues you have seen many time and cannot fix by just a soft reset, then definitely a Hard reset is a must.
Here’s how you can hard reset your Samsung Galaxy Camera

Option 1: Using Settings menu

1. Go back to Samsung Galaxy Camera’s Home screen.

2. Tap Apps at the lower-right.

3. Tap Settings from the Apps tab.

4. Locate Personal section.

5. Choose Back up and reset.

6. Navigate to the Personal data section.

7. Hit Factory data reset.

8. Tap Factory data reset again to confirm.

9. Key in the current passcode/ pattern if required.

10. Tap Reset device.

Now wait for the device to reset itself.


Option 2 Using Hardware keys

1. Disable Fast Power-on mode.

2. Turn off the device.

3. Long press on the POWER key and slide the Zoom to the + position until the Samsung logo shows up on screen.


4. Release the POWER key and the Zoom slider.

5. You will see the Android system recovery screen.

6. Use the Zoom left / right to select wipe data/factory reset and the POWER key to confirm.

7. Choose Yes -- delete all user data.

8. Wait some minutes for the hard reset to finish.

9. Tap reboot system now.

10. Wait for the device to finish reboot itself.

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