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How To Hard Reset Palm Pixi

Learn how you can perform a hard reset on the device Palm Pixi.

If you device is frozen or not responding correct you could try to hard reset. There are also many other scenario why you would want to do this. For example if you are going to pass on the device to some else because you don' t like it, or it could be bacause you have misconfigured the device and now you don't know how to get it back to the default factory setting. The below steps will show you how.

Note: before you execute the below steps, make sure you have backup any data that you would like to restore later. Eg. photos, music libary, video, document or any other downloaded content.

Pixi also go by the name of Pixie or Eos. So if you got Pixie or Eos you can follow the below steps too.

1. Go to the Home screen.

2. Click on Device Info.

3. Then click on Reset Options.

4. The next screen you have the options to Restart, Partial Erase or Full Erase. Click on Full Erase.

The device will now perform a reboot and and your device will go back to the default factory setting. If you like you can now restore data from the backup.

Additionally you could also try this:

Hard Reset Remotely

If you have an account online at http://www.palm.com/support you could login and perform a remote reset. This method is particularly useful if you have lost your device and you want to perform a complete wipe out so that your personal data won't reveal to any unauthorise user. This is also handy if you have loss your password or PIN and you can't get access to the device.

1. If you still got hold of the phone, ensure that it is connected to the wireless service provider and it will need to access online. Alternatively you connect to a Wi-Fi network and get online through that network. If you want to quickly reset the device then use the Wi-Fi network as it allows faster transmission.

2. From your computer log onto your profile at palm.com/palmprofile using your email address and password

3. Once you are logged in. Click on Device Info.

4. Then click on I Lost my Phone.

5. Next click on the Erase Device Button.


6. In the text field Type text you see to the left field put in your security code.

7. Click on Erase Device.

8. Then click on Yes to confirm your choice. At this point you also given an opportunity to backup your data on the device.

9. If you want to make a backup before erasing it the select Back Up Data Before Erase

10. Your phone should now begin to resetting itself. Once the reset is done your phone will become un-usable. If you phone is stolen by some else then you should finish here. Anyone holding the phone will not be able to use it. However if you still have your phone then continue with the below steps.

11. Now turn on the phone, select your language if prompt.

12. Enter in the email and password of your old profile.

 Now the device should start to restore the profile data from backup.


WebOS Doctor Reset

The WebOS Doctor is a special recovery tool that will complete wipe off the operating system and then perform a complete re-installation.

1. First grab a latest copy from of the software from http://ws.palm.com/webosdoctor/serialnumberinitial.htm.

2. Once you have got the webOS Doctor, open it and follow the instruction from the software.

3. Once it is done you can login and start to restore your device with the backup data.

Additional if you only want to reset the phone's setting you could try a soft reset instead.

- Try to pull out the battery for 10 seconds and then put it back in.

- Press and hold on the power button and toggle the ringer button on and off a couples of times.

- To reboot the device you could also press simultaneously the 3 key combo Orange + Sym + R for 5 seconds.

- Tap on Device Info > Phone Reset > Restart.


Soft Reset

If you phone is frozen and you just want to get it running again. You could try to pull out the battery for 10 seconds and put it back in.



0 #1 stan mills 2012-08-13 09:30
i did full erase without backing up...i did a great mistake but i am wondering whether i can get ma device working again...pls help

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