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How to Hard Reset Motorola Droid Ultra

So this is the first time you used an Android phone and you set up a passcode on the phone for extra security on your personal content. But the problem is that you have totally forgotten the passcode and there is no other way to access the screen anymore. In this case, a hard reset may help.

Although, the case we recommended is for first time users or ones do not have much data on the phone. However, in cases you want to hard reset Droid Ultra due to malfunction/ continuous lagging or unresponsiveness, then don’t forget to back up any important data before performing a hard reset because doing a factory/ hard/ master reset on your phone will delete all the apps you installed and your data settings completely.

Here’s how to:

Option 1: Using Settings menu. This applies for cases when you still can access the Settings app.

1. Return to Droid Ultra’s Home screen.

2. Tap the Apps icon at the bottom.

3. Launch the Settings app.

4. Next, tap Backup & reset.

5. Then choose Factory data reset.

6. Hit Reset phone.

7. If  prompted, you need to provide the current passcode or draw your unlock pattern.

8. Then, hit Erase everything.

9.  Just wait for some minutes for the factory data reset and reboot processes to finish.


Option 2: Using Hardware Key. This applies for conditions when you cannot access the Settings Menu due to the tablet being frozen.

1. First, you need to check if the battery is empty or not. Even though you still cannot power on the phone, try to plug it in the charger and the wait until you see it is fully charged.

2. Also, if possible, try to backup all important data. But in case the phone is totally blackout, then we suggest you should always back up your important data regularly for the worst scenario like this.

3. Press the POWER key and hit Power off to switch off the phone.

4. Long press on the VOLUME DOWN key then press the POWER key at the same time.


5. After 3-5 seconds, release both buttons.

6. You should then see the Boot Mode Selection Menu screen.

7. Hit the VOLUME DOWN/ UP key to navigate to and use POWER key to select Recovery.

8. You will see the Android triage screen.  This is an Android figure with an exclamation point.

9. Now, long press on the VOLUME UP key for 10-15 seconds. Also while holding the VOLUME UP key press and release the POWER key.

10. Now, release all keys.

11. You will then see the Android system recovery screen with all text in Blue.

12. Use the VOLUME UP/ DOWN key to navigate to and the POWER key to select wipe data/factory reset.

13. Use the VOLUME DOWN key again to navigate to and the POWER key to Yes - delete all user data.

14. After the Formatting is complete, hit the POWER key to confirm a Reboot.

The phone will then finish the process for you. Just wait for some second before it restarts all new and clean as when you first unboxed it.

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