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How to Hard Reset LG Optimus Black

Learn how you could perform hard reset LG Optimus Black.

If you are passing your phone onto some one else then you might want to erase the phone first before given it to them.

Reset through software menu

1. Go the Home screen.

2. Then select Menu.

3. Next select Settings.

4. Then select Privacy.

5. Next choose Factory Data Reset.

6. Then Select Reset Phone. If you want to erase the SD card too then ensure the checkbox Erase SD card is ticked.



7. Put in the password when prompt.

8. Now tap on Erase everything.


Your phone should start to reboot short and bring itself back to factory setting.

Try the hardware key combo when your LG Optimus Black device is stucked and you can't access the settings menu.

Reset using hardware key

1. Turn off the phone by pulling out the battery and put it back in.

2. Press and hold the Down Volume button.

3. Then press and hold on the Power button until you see the device switch on.

4. An on-screen instruction shall appears, and offer you the options to Fastbook, Recovery, Clear Storage, and Simlock. Use the Down Volume key and select Clear Storage.

5. Next press the let go of the Power button.

6. Confirm your choice by select Yes or No. Using the Volume key to make your selection.

Your LG Optimus Black should now begin to reset itself back to default manufacturer settings.



+3 #1 Alex 2011-05-24 16:33
the hardware key method doesn`t work. at least not for me...can you put a video tutorial for this....I`ve tried vol down press and hold and then power button press and hold until the device lights up but nothing happens. For how long should I hold the vol down button after the device lights up?
-1 #2 jonathan 2012-01-15 19:57
the hard reset is not working!! i tried like 15 time.. but it does nothing.. plz help, is there any other way?
-1 #3 noch 2012-08-05 04:19
hi guys.
im using OB ku5900 and i mistakenly deleted some apps and now i cant access th menu,its jas come olleh logo only and stops there.please guys help me,i suffered enogh.

thank you

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