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How to Hard Reset HTC Droid DNA

Continuously lagging, frozen, unresponsive or crashing app on your Droid DNA might be a signal of a necessary hard reset on your device. Also, when you see your phone got keypad/touchscreen issues, can't make or receive calls, can’t hear the calls and device won't sync with PC or many other problems that it continues to repeat and you even cannot fix it with just a soft reset anymore. In those circumstances, simply do a hard reset to recover your phone to its default state.

However, once you’ve done a factory/ hard/ master reset on your phone, all the apps you installed and your data settings will be deleted completely, so don’t forget to back up any important data before performing a hard reset.

Option 1: Using Settings menu. This applies for cases when you still can access the Settings app.

1. Go back to the Droid DNA’s Homescreen.

2. Tap the Apps icon to view your Apps list.

3. Now, open the Settings app.

4. Select Backup & reset.

5. Choose Reset phone.

6. Hit OK.

7. You should then see the phone continues the process to Master Reset to Factory Default, just patiently wait for around 10 minutes or more.
Option 2: Using Hardware Key. This applies for conditions when you cannot access the Settings Menu due to the tablet being frozen.

1. First, press the POWER key and hit Power off to switch off the phone.

2. Next, long press on the VOLUME DOWN key then press the POWER key.


3. You should then see the Boot Mode Selection menu appears on screen.

4. Release all the buttons.

5. Now, use the VOLUME DOWN key to move to Factory Reset and use the POWER key to choose.

6. The phone will then finish the process for you. Just wait for some second before it restarts all new and clean as when you first unboxed it.

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