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How to Change and Replace Visor Retainer Clip

Very easy instructions on how you can replace the Visor Retainer clip for Honda Civic year 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 and possibly for other years too.

The purpose of the visor retainer clip is to keep visor stable in place which you can adjust up or down so that you could block the sun from shining directly into your eye while drive the Honda Civic car.

Over the many years of usage, the clip can become old and snap off, as the result you no longer has the ability the hold the visor in place to make your car safe driving.

Here are the steps to fix it:

1. Get your self a screw drivers.

2. Then at the back for the retainer clip, there is a small hold, push in the screw drivers and turn the clip 90 degrees. Pushing in the screw drivers allow you turn the clip otherwise will be locked.

3. Now you can pull it down and take it out.

4. Go to your local store or browse online shop and get a new one. If you already have one then you can begin to install it immediately.

5. To install it, align the clip with the while on the car ceiling, then twisted 90 degrees to have it locked in place.

See the video above for more detail on how you could do this.

When buying the visor retainer clip, make sure you choose the right color that matches with your car's interior color.

How to Reset the Oil Life on the Honda Civic 2013

Here are the simple procedures for you to reset the oil life counter on the Honda Civic 2013. Depend on the oil you use your car can drive up to 10,000 KM before you need to replace the oil. For instance synthetic oil can last longer and thus you don't need to change the oil as often.

Honda Civic 2013 Oil Life Reset Counter

Photo Credits to Felix Padrosa Photography

1. Press on the Menu button on the Steering Wheel.

2. Use the Arrow button and go up to Vehicle Information.

3. Select Maintenance Info, by pressing on the Source/Enter button.

4. Press on Source/Enter to go to the next screen.

5. Now press and hold on the Source/Enter button for a few seconds to start the reset.

6. When you see the message "Would you like to reset maintenance information?", Select Yes. Use the arrow button on the steering wheel to go down.

Now you should see your oil life go back to 100%.

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