How to Hard Reset HTC One SV

In case you have encountered so many issues on your HTC One SV, then thinking of a Hard/ Master/ Factory Reset on the phone is the best solution to erase all those unresponsiveness, freezing or lagging from the device and restore it to the default state when you first had it from the store.

However, always noted in mind that once you’ve done a factory/ hard/ master reset on your HTC One SV, all the apps you installed and your data settings will be deleted completely, so remember to back up any important data before performing a factory reset.

Here’s the guide for a hard reset using Settings Menu on HTC One SV:

1. First, always charge the battery full before a hard reset.

2. Power on HTC One SV

3. Again, remember to backup all important data on the phone first.

4. Next, go to Settings.

5. Choose Backup & reset.

6. Tap Reset phone.

7. After that, hit Erase all data.

8. Next, HTC One SV will complete the rest for you. Just patiently wait for some minutes until the phone is ready to use in its default state.


But in case you cannot access the settings Menu because your phone screen won’t turn on, do the followings to hard reset your HTC one SV using the hardware keys

1. Fully charge the HTC One SV.

2. Press together POWER key + VOLUME DOWN key for some seconds until a white menu shows up.


3. Then use VOLUME keys to go to Factory Reset.

4. Select it by pressing the POWER key.

5. The phone will continue the rest steps for you. Just wait it for some minutes until it finishes.

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