How to Hard Reset LG Optimus Exceed

One of the most annoying things of any Android device is the fact that you will need a hard reset to restore the phone to its default state once you have entered the wrong passcode exceed the allowed limit times. So if you have provide a wrong passcode too many times on LG Optimus Exceed, you will need to do a hard reset.

However, once you’ve done a factory/ hard/ master reset on your LG Optimus Exceed, all the apps you installed and your data settings will be deleted completely, so don’t forget to back up any important data regularly just in case your phone go through these types of malfunction and you will have the unexpected hard reset like this.

Below are step-by-step procedure on how to hard reset your LG Optimus Exceed. Don’t forget to fully charge the device to avoid any brick during processing.

Option 1: Using Settings menu. This applies for cases when you still can access the Settings app.

1. Access the Apps list.

2. Now, launch the Settings app.

3. Choose Backup and reset from the Personal section

4. Tap Factory Data Reset from the Personal Data section,

5. Next, select Reset phone.

6. Choose Erase everything.

7. Tap OK.

8. Patiently wait for some minutes for your Optimus Exceed to reset itself.
Option 2: Using Hardware Keys. This applies for conditions when you cannot access the Settings Menu due to the tablet being frozen.

1. First, switch off the LG Optimus Exceed.

2. Next, press and hold together the POWER key + VOLUME DOWN key.


3. Release the keys when you see the Hard reset screen appears.

4. Still continue to press the POWER key twice to confirm.

5. Let your phone continue the process and startup later just like first time when you unbox it.

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