Sony Xperia E: How to Create a Calendar Event

In order to make everything organized, the Calendar app is a great tool to help you easily arrange and manage your daily schedule/ tasks efficiently. So when you have a meeting or a Birthday even on Tuesday next week, your phone plays a short sound to remind you and an icon of that event’s Day will show up on screen to tell you to get ready for it.

If you would like to know how you can create a calendar event

1. Get back to Xperia E’s Home screen.

2. Here, hit the Apps icon to view your Apps list.

3. Select Calendar.

4. Press the Menu key.

5. Choose New event.

6. Here, provide the name, time, location and description for the event.

7. You can also choose another option under Repetition.

9. Next, choose a reminder for the event.

10. Finally, hit Save to confirm and exit the setup.

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